We can create bots to create automated task for routine work.

Chat Bots

chatbots are bots that are designed to carry on conversations with humans, usually just for fun, and to test the limits of the technology.  Chatbots usually have a “personality” similar to a human, and there usually isn’t a goal for the interaction other than to see what the chatbot says.

There’s another common usage of “chatbots” that essentially includes ALL bots, (i.e. if it’s automated, and you carry on a conversation with it, it’s a chatbot).

bot saying hello
bot and human


These bots run continuously in the background, primarily fetch data from other APIs or websites, and are “well-behaved” in that they respect directives you give them.

For example, you can “hide” your entire website from search engines by blocking search engine spiders in your site’s robots.txt file, keeping all of your site’s content out of Google or Bing, or Yandex, or whatever.

Search engine spiders are crawlers that extract URLs from documents, which are then passed off to the indexing infrastructure to download the content from each URL, which is then parsed, and built into a searchable index.

Informational bots

Bots in this category surface helpful information, often as push notifications, and include things like breaking news stories.

TechCrunch has a personalized news recommendation bot that pushes content to you via Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Some informational bots broadcast data as it becomes available.

Bot and human

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We can create bots to create automated task for routine work.